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My Aunte

I live in Holland for all most 10 years now. It was 1998 when I had my wokup call from my mother,from Tanzania that I should go back home as soon as possible. becouse my Aunte is verry sick. the very next day I was on my why to Tanznaia.
By the time my Aunte was very sick could not see any more after few qestion to my mother she told me that my Aunte had AIDS. and there is nothing could be done at the moment.

I should just spend us much time as possible with my Aunte. At the first I was verry sad but then that could not help anything, so at the end of the day I went in the room and try to be there and tolk to her every thing, like she knew she was dying we tolk all night long.

The next day at 10.30 my Aunte past away. it was the day untill day I find hard to forget.
The good news is I now seat up Ophanage in Tanzania to help Ophance who have lost their paretn due to HIV/ADIS impact. for more information about my project vist my webside at www.unitedhope.nl
What Im trying to say is that; Not every bad thing should stay bad take that bad expriense in your and make it beter if not to you and to others.
remembar you can make the derent in this world.


Sent via Email July 13, 2004 from Tanzania.



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