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So Scared

My boyfriend of three years and I broke up eight months ago. I started to mess around...oral sex with 2 guys unprotected (stupid of me) and was dating a new man (had sex, sometimes protected, sometimes not).
I was diagnosed with HPV (abnormal pap) about 5 years ago and it scared me into taking two HIV tests which were both taken about a year or so apart, both came back negative.
Well, now my ex and I are back together again and I am very happy...but scared because of what I have done. I am currently being tested and will know the results in a few days, but I really need emotional support. I don't have anyone.
PLEASE send me an e-mail, I need support and thanks for reading my story.

Sent via Email Aug 10, 2004 from USA.


I got my test results today. I tested negative. I am so relieved.
Getting tested is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I am glad I did it.
All of you should require HIV testing before you are intimate with anyone. If he/she won't get tested then he/she is not worth it. If you are going to have sex without testing, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. If he won't wear a condom, it is not worth it.

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