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My dream

Lately, my dream of wanting to travel around the world is getting stronger. I usually spend my free time thinking about the beautiful places i see in the magazines and how I want to go there. Anyway, before I get carried away here is something you need to know about me.

Iam a Zambian lady aged 23 years old and am HIV Positive. I live in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia and currently working as a volunteer in an organization which deals with the control of HIV/AIDS by way of giving care, support and Antiretroviral therapy to people infected with HIV. Having lost both parents at an early age, as well as a sister and two elder brothers due to HIV/AIDS. I have a great love for people and am more than ready to help HIV Positive persons like myself who are struggling to accept this great change in their lives and promote safe sex among young people so that the spread of HIV is put to an end.

After I completed my high school in 1999 at a catholic boarding school, I had plans of going to medical school to study pharmacy.Unfortunately,my sister who took up the responsibility of looking after me when my parents passed away fell ill and by this time I was madly in love and in a sexual relationship with this white guy. within a month we had moved in together against my sister‚s wish. On 1st of April,2001 my sister passed away and I lived with this guy till I became pregnant in September the same year.

On the 11th of may,2002 I had a beautiful baby girl who later passed away at two months and three weeks. The father to my baby and I had a few differences so I decided to leave. I went to live with my sister‚s best friend in another town. It was at this time that I came to Lusaka and had my first HIV test in October,2002.It was then that I discovered that I was HIV Positive. I only became sick in September 2003 and it was then that I was put on antiretroviral therapy about four months ago. Everyone at my workplace is supportive, loving and understanding. As a young person, I have dreams and I enjoy going out, hanging out with friends,listening to music, going to the movies and talking about all the funny staff that young people think about.I have accepted myself and its easy for people around me to accept me too.


Sent via Email, September 5, 2004 from Zambia

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