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I made mistakes

I wanted to share my story with you because i feel i have a big story and maybe if i can help one person i have done something substantial here! I am a white female 27 yrsold. I want to get across to those who still have a chance and it makes me cry just writing this. Ladys please please please look out for your-self. I know love conquers all but dont let it conquer the condom!! Please, god knows i made mistakes. Let me begain with my first std. Im 18(then) just starting dating a guy, having drinks partying getting to know eachother, i decide to sleep with him on new years(yes unprotected) less than a week later i develop acouple strange bumps on my vagina area. I was so invincable(to me) it didnt even occur to me that this was something i would have and would last forever, i go into the doctor and he tells me its hpv and he said "its good you attacked it now, you may never have another outbreak" I cry! I dont have another outbreak BUT it that doesnt mean its gone and you still feel like a dirty slut! Let me add that i had unprotected sex before and this never happened as a matter of fact i thought i was to special for this sort of stuff. Move into my 23 yrold life - i meet a sailor who wants to date, i tell him we should use a condom because i didnt want to share with him my hpv status(even though my mother has had it all her life and her husband has never got it from her) I just wanted to play safe. He tells me hes clean and really really wants unprotected sex and he shows me papers and that say he has no terminal illness. We have sex (yes ladys i f'd up ther i know) Well, guess what? He gives me herpes, yes, herpes. He never caught anything from me as hpv is hard to get if theres no symptoms for years (which was my case)It sucks, i feel like my life has been ruined. I can no longer laugh or flirt like i used to with a man. I feel like a std teller machine ruined its a "double whammy" It suck soooo bad lady plus whats next hiv - im soo scared of human contact. Please dont mess up life is so short stay clean and sexy! MEN LIE, MEN LIE, MEN LIE !! How many times could i say that. I dont care who they are..the nerd at the bookstore, the one that is head over heals in love with you (they all played that game with me and i fell) They just dont care, if i can say this - the penis wants sex and will try to get it anyway it can! It doesnt care if it hurts you (no matter how much it lies and says it wants to be your best friend) Its BULL*HIT!!!!! Love your self first, you come first!


Sent via Email, October 6, 2004 from Virginia, USA.

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