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A wonderful friend

We have been made aware of a wonderful friend that I worked with several years ago has HIV. His parents have refused to accept this and has of late, "returned to sender" everything that he has sent to them including birthday cards, etc. He has been let go from his job very discretely so as to not be brought into a law suit for discrimination. (How convienent), so he can't prove that it's the reason for his dismissal. He's been our friend for years and we love him as if he were our own.
Now he's out of work, scrapping for enough money to make a move to Sacramento, California where he will be closer to Doctors that understand the problems that go along with the HIV virus. My husband and I are planning to move down to Mexico in the spring or early summer next year where we vacationed last June. The Lake Chapala/Ajijic area is where we'd like to make our home. It's about a half an hour out of Guadaljara. We wanted to know what the facilities might be in that area to take care of HIV virus, the doctor's and their knowledge, what kind of medical coverage that there would be in that area and maybe who we might contact with questions.

He feels that California is the only way to go where he is accepted for the way he is and for the professional help that he needs. We told him about Mexico but quite frankly did not check into this aspect of the medical profession on our vacaton there. We have told him how wonderful the people, area, slow pace, and acceptance of American people are but of course until you experience it you can't believe it exists. We want to help him in every way we can and will be there for him always, but would like to see him with some quality of life that I feel we all deserve. He will probably need to work which I realize could be a problem but he is an expert with computers and is a terrific writer and very knowledgable. These are things that not all Mexican people can do so I feel that there is a chance for work for him in these areas. He's great at teaching and has always dreamed to be able to do any of these things for a living. Please advise us on any information that you may have on this subject and I will pass it on to him.
In the meantime I'll continue to search the internet for more info. Sorry I got so carried away with all of this information but he is a wonderful guy and has so much potential and love to give. His parent's will some day regret their turning their backs on him but I'm afraid it will be too late when they do. He's in major depression right now and as he put it, "it's hard to even make a decession right now". Thank you for anything you can help us with and will wait to hear from you.
Mary and Charlie


Sent via Email, October 28, 2004 from Colorado, USA.

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