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Positive message to teens

My name is Traci and I'm 18 years old ,No I'm not sexually active .The reason for me to write my story is to send a posite message out to teenagers about sex.I think that sex is not everthing and a lot of people think that thats the most important thing in a relationship but its not because first of all you want a boy thats going to be there for you on hard times and treat you right,going around here having sex with this boy and this boy is not going to get it ,If your a teenager or maybe a adult now and your not to sure about a guy your talking to hes pressureing you to have sex dont be with him hes not worth it because theres alot boys out there you gotta watch out for that just want girls because of sex,cause she got a nice body,that shouldnt be the reason you talk to these boys because there sitting on the phone telling you how nice of a body you have yeah thats cool for him to say nice stuff like that ,but some guys like to take advantage of girls and peerpressure them to have sex .Its like this if your sexually active try to slow down from it I know it may be hard but if you dont try to stop it sooner or later some boys going to around and dog you because boys look at it like this if you have sex with them especially if you havent known them long that look at you as a hoe and if they look at you as that there not going to have any respect for you ,they start doing dirty things like breaken your heart doging you,telling other guys how you were in the bed just because of the fact of they think of you as easy . Think about this next time you think you wanna have sex with a guy ask these questions in your mind.

1.Do he really love me or is he just want sex
2.Have we been together long enough for this
3.Do I trust him do he have a STD
4.If I have sex with him and I mistakely get preganant is he going to be here for my baby
5.Is he ready to commit himself to taking care of a baby or just dog me and say its not his.

So people think about this next time ,and Virgin's make sure if you do decide to have sex with him you really love him and do you trust him and think about those 5 questions and make sure you get tested often to make sure of no STD . But Remember this too the best way to prevent from a lot of things happening like getting pregant or being worried about having a STD is to not have sex.

Thank You for reading my story GOD BLess!


Sent via Email, November 3, 2004 from Louisiana, USA.

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