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Hi everyone,
Today I have my chlamydia retested and I have my HIV, Hep. B and Hep. C tests as well. I waited three months to have the HIV test to be in the window period.

Sharing about my personal life, I am a religious person with a strong Christian background. For the last 10 years of my life I was a born again Christian and has been really religious ever since. I am currently 22 but has been living a dark life for the past 4 years. I have slept with 2 guys in the past 4 years, which I do not know much about or know much of their past sexual histories.

When I developed symptoms to Chlamydia 2 months ago, the sky seemed to crash down on me. I remembered how life was wonderful when I stayed close to God and regretted all the things I did, which I am sure most of you would know how this feel.

I prayed and humbled myself before God in the last 2 months. I cried and prayed a lot, and struggle with my life having to go to work but physically unwell. But today God and my friends reassured me again that I will be fine. When I did my HIV test, I smiled and almost cried at the same time when the lady drew the blood out. At the time, I remembered the shame and the pain the Jesus went through for me when He was crucified. I don't know why I was thinking this and I know some of you might not able to relate but it was almost like He was trying to tell me that all the pain and shame that I am going through right now will never compare to the shame and the pain He went through when He's crucified. That made me smile. I felt peace and I know Jesus is with me, no matter what all things are possible in HIM. ONLY JESUS CAN SAVES. I am not naive or stupid by saying what I am saying because I have faith and I believe in Him. I know I am a sinner and I have paid my price, but I also believe that there is always hope in this world even though human or doctors say no. That hope is in Jesus Christ. I want you all to read this story of miracle.
I know there always be people with HIV/AIDS, and I know it's not always God's plan to heal everyone who is sick. We have plenty of sick people in the world and many of them die. But that does not mean they are closer or further away from God if that does happen or doesn't happen. I believe God is much more complex than I can ever imagine. However, I do believe that God helps people who ask for help, more often or not, He equips people to live beyond what they are struggling with. God gives people peace and comfort to help them live with whatever problem they have.
DO NOT give up, Jesus will be there for you when you ask.
Sunshine will always shining and life moves on, so must you! Remember, life is not only on earth but in heaven. Work you way up.

At the moment I am pretty much sure I am cured from chlamydia. Today I have it retested to make sure that it is really gone.
I took HIV, Hep. B and Hep. C tests to confront my fear. Aside from my chlamydia symptoms, I experience other symptoms almost at the same time as my chlamydia symptom such as muscle pain in almost of my body's area, mostly in my neck and shoulder area. Sometimes, I have difficulty talking or swallowing because I have strange sensation in my throat like there is a lump. I have tightness in chest which developed after I had cough. The cough has dissappeared but the tightness of chest remains. The sensation in the neck and throat comes irregularly, the same as the tightness, but the muscle pain is always there. About a month ago my neck's muscles seem to have been stretched - painful- and went on for two weeks. Latter sensation however has eased down and replaced by occasionally lumpy sensation in the throat.
The muscle pain sometimes travelled to jaw and ear area and I did feel ear tingling a couple of times. The doctor I went to see ask me to do TSH test(thyroid-stimulating hormone) to determine the level of hormone in my blood to diagnose thyroid disorders. Therefore, today I did TSH test together with HIV, Hep B and Hep C.
Whatever the test result will be I surrender my life to Him. He has my life in His hands and I know He will not harm me. I have faith and BELIEVE that He has a plan in my life and that plan does not include me being sick. I hope you all have the same faith as I have in Jesus Christ and let the faith be the magnet that draws Jesus to your life and by the mercy of Jesus let it be your miracle as well. Jesus loves you ALL


Sent via Email, November 20, 2004 from Australia.


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