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Hello Everyone! This site has really opened my eyes to the world of HIV/ AIDS. About two weeks ago i went for my annual pap! Thinking that i was fine other than a slight discharge. My doctor prescribed me a medication and i went home thinking nothing of it. Two days later my doctor called me and told me that he found out that i had Tric....... i was blown because i had not had sex(protected or unprotected) since May. I thought how could this effect my reproductive organs......... thats when it hit me i had been living very risky. He called me in and told me that he wanted to do more test.......OH GOD. I was ssssssoooooooooo nervous, he told me that the results would come back in two days and if anything was abnormal he would call, if not he would call to check up on me some other time! Within those two days every thought of unprotected sex i had with guys crossed my mine. Since i broke up with my boyfriend of two (faithful) years i was hurt.......so i went out and did me, not in a slutty way, but i was very oopen to having fun! I had unprotected sex with 7 guys within a three year period! Wow........any one of them could have had AIDs, why would someone tell me if they had AIDs.........We can no longer go by looks or how a person treats us, b/c people will lie!! The doctor called me back in two days and i refused to pick up my phone when he called twice. I thought to myself the only way to not worry is to know!!I prayed, i prayed like i have never prayed before! I thought about my family how my life could change, how it was pointless to stay in school............ yes all of this ran through my mind!! I called.......You know how doctors ar ethey go around and around, so finally i said just tell me......... he said all the test came back negative except for the test for Clamidya.............THANK YOU LORD JESUS!! To all of those people out there that are fighting with HIV/AIDs PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR LIFE!! You are the worlds resource to telling our youth and young adults the risk of which you have taken.........and how it has affected your life. Your life will go on, you are not going to die today........you have a story to share to help others realize how they should value there lives.............Pe

ace, Grace and Strenght to everyone!!
Much Lov Q


Sent via Email, December 21, 2004 from NJ, USA.

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