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Your blessings

First of all I want to start off by saying thank you Lord and I will be eternally grateful for your blessings you have bestowed upon me.

It was about four years ago when I trusted any and everything that was attractive in some sort. I was most attractive to people that believe in GOD, smart, attractive, and had something going for themselves. Well I was talking to this person and decided I wanted to meet them after four months of them encouraging me to do right in school, be careful, do not take life for granted, that I was a handsome and that I was smart; just all sorts of wonderful and uplifting words to me. Well one night I was bored, had nothing to do just got out of a bad relationship and scroll though my phone and decided to call my uplifting friend. So I call and " what do you know" my friend answer. I was so eager and just ready to meet. So I drove to my friends place, when I meet my friend I was so into my friend I was like wow. I mean the conversations were better in person, looked better in person, and just had my focus. When we got a couple of drinks I started telling my friend about my break up and my friend held me in their arms. The feeling was so warm and loving I felt loved again. When we made eye contact I was hypnotized, so a kiss was delivered and received. We begin to make out and so on and so on until I realize " Wait I don't have any condoms". But I was in the heat of the moment we made passionate love any how. The next morning when we woke up I realized my new partner was sad. I asked " why are you sad what is the matter". Then my new partner said " I have something to tell you". I smiled and in the back of my mind far back in my mind I thought " please GOD not HIV". So it took my friend a while to tell me and my friend finally did. I lost my breathe and my self worth. I broke down crying filled with tears and angry I did not know what to do. So when I was around my family and friends I did not want them to drink after me or no real physical contact. Not even from my own brothers kids, I was so affraid. So i kept contact with my new partner because that was the only person that knew what I was going though and the only one that I could lean on. Of course I did not have sex with anyone after that. But during the 6 months I just kept saying in my head I am going to die, Lord please forgive. So when the 6 months were up I put my faith in the Lord and went with my new partner to get tested. I waited two weeks, went back and I was negative!!!!!!!! Thank you JESUS THANK YOU LORD!!!! To reassure me I was okay I got a job at a hospital and you have to get tested before you can work there, and it all went well. I got a job, so now I am delivered. Thank you Jesus. I make mistake nows but now when I look back on what I went though for 6months, it reminds me on how good GOD was to me and I will strive to be excellent for him. I thank my new partner for giving me that wake up call to slow down my sex life. Me and my new partner lost touch two years after that. I love my ex partner, because they woke me up and I forgive them as well.

Everyone that read this message wheter negative or positive I want you to know I love you, and Jesus loves you. Wheter your negative or positive GOD still is giving you a second chance, and keep in mind you are wonderful and do not ever forget that.


Sent via Email, February 4, 2005 from Virginia, USA.


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