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Up in the air

I don't know were to even start but here it goes I have been married for eight years now but I have known my spouse for 11 years. Seven years ago being married for only one year a guy I use to date died of cancer which I had intercourse with two years before that. Seven years later come by and I ran into a old girlfriend right before christmas telling me she thought I was dead come to find out she knew the guy who died cousin and she told me that he died of Aids and she even confirmed it with the couisin again in front of me and my life stood still my Christmas was not that great then I started thinking I have had 2 kids since then one 13 and 7 years would they have it would my husband have it so I confided to one friend that has really hepled me alot, she pused and pused and pushed me to get tested but of course I didn't then it happened I started gettting the symtoms of the HIV! I had the flu I was really week and a bad cough si i went to the doctor and she gave me antibotics which helped a litte and a basci philsical but my papsmear in back adnormal that I had a STD (thromosas) I once I found ou that I called my doctor to give me a blood test for the HIV. I had it 1/9/05 and did not get the results until today and I had to call, well the test came out neg and I feel to my knees giving thatnks to god as to giving me another chance of life. I felt the stress would kill me for HIV would and I promise God that I would write this story to help and tell people that no matter how worryied you are GET TESTED


Sent via Email, February 22, 2005 from USA.

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