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Trust in god

I have been reading about stories on this site and would like everyone who is HIV positive to trust in God. You maybe taking medication, thats fine continue doing so. The Bible says, "..By his stripes we are healed of all deseases" it does not say excluding HIV. God heals people who ask him to and who have faith in him, find a closet, pour out your heart out before the Lord, repent and ask Him to heal you like He said in his Word. The drugs for HIV are very expensive, but you dont need money to get on your knees and talk to God, your healing awaits you and its all for free. When everything else fails, God will never fail, otherwise he would'nt be God who created the heavens and earth and everything in it. God wants to show people that he is able. Doctors have failed to come up with the cure, witchdoctors have failed, scientists have failed, you name them - they have all failed. That is where God comes in to show his glory, and make what is deemed impossible by human beings possible. His ways are not our ways. Who would have known the red sea would open? "its a simple prayer: Lord Jesus forgive my sins, I believe you are the son of the Living God, I have HIV, heal me in the name of Jesus. I bind this desease from my body, from my blood in the name of Jesus......" believe and receive your healing, its your faith that count. Each person is healed according to the level of faith they have in. If you trust and believe that God heals HIV, he will heal you. You will find that some people just have it in their blood, but it does no harm at all, not even the slightest cough or flu, its because God has made the desease weak so that it looses power to destroy.

For people who are giving feedback and are not HIV positive, please bear in mind that not everyone who has the virus was a prostitute, very innocent people have fallen victims. These people are already going through a very difficult time and need all the support they can get. This is not the time to blame anyone for having it. Everyone who has had unprotected sex, be it in a marriage or casually is at risk. So, no-one can really stand up and say; "thank God I dont have it" Lets educate people but at the same time support those who are exposed to HIV, not forgetting that it could be us tomorrow, who knows.


Sent via Email, February 22, 2005 from United Kingdom.

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