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We have each other

i am a 16 year old gurl that has been living without my mother for 6 years now. Because she had gotten the AIDS virus.And now a little sister has HIV and i am scared to death.But thank God i don't have anything. OKAY now my story. My mother met my sisters dad one of the worse decisions she could of made.He was a sweet man never hurt her or put his hands on her but he turned out to be bisexual and had AIDS. And at the time my mother did not know . She became pregnant with my little sister and thats when the trouble started. She began to vomit more than usual and develop blotches. She went to the hospital and they informed her that she had HIV but now she had AIDS. When she went back home she found her boyfriend or (whatever u want to call him) in the bed with another man. And next thing i knew she was beaten them both up. She ended up leaving him. And after my sister was born she had to stay in the hospital for a month and 3 weeks. She had caught the virus. That year her father died. And i don't mean any harm but what goes around came around in his case. Well come to find out he had affected 11 people with HIV. But it doesn't matter because my sister is now 13 years old and doing good. All that matters is that we have each other. And Mom may God Bless Your Soul. I LOVE U


Sent via Email, March 8, 2005.

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