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It can save your life

My name is andy and im 21 years old, I started to be sexual active when I was 13. there was times when I didnt use condoms so I would get real real paranoid, so I would take an h.i.v test so thats how I would get that horrible felling thinking that I had the disease. my mom would freak cause she thought I was injecting drugs, I told her no I had unprotected sex. anyways I came out negative. so i tried taking care of myself by using condoms. since I new I was negative I started not using protection when I was 16 again. I met a stripper that was also an i.v drug user so i had sex with her without any protection, I didnt know at the time she used drugs. So I was shitting bricks, so again I took the test and I came out negative, so I started using condoms again and by the age of 18 I was pretty advaced, well my sexual life was pretty advanced by the age of 20 regular sex wouldn't really get me off, I started doing threesomes,orgies,toys,porn,anal sex,sometimes even rough sex, like a little of slapping, thats when i kind of realized that I had to stop all that kinkt stuff, well at least for a while cause i did'nt want to get to the next level. I liked being with older women, moms, I wasnt with anyone older than 35 but if they were hot, and good looking I would be the first one in line. suddendly I stopped using condoms again, and I haven't tooken any s.t.d test yet. My point is thats i'ts not worth it risking your life by not using prottection, no matter how hot the girl or guy is you can't tell if they are infected or not, so my message to all you young adults, or older adults is always use a condom, It can save your life...


Sent via Email, March 14, 2005.

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