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I am positive with HIV

I am 19years old. I am positive with HIV. I got the virus 5 years ago. In my culture girls are supposed to get married as early as you begin periods. I was one of the lucky girls on our village to have gone to school before my parents forced me to marry an old man with ten wives. To my parents he was a rich man who could give them a cow in return for giving him wife. At the age of 12yrs, I got married. I didn't know what to do with the man he was the age of my grand father. My Aunties briefed me on how to please a man during sex. It was my first time to learn about sex bse in Africa talking about sex is a taboo.

After afew weeks of marriage I felt to much pain especially in my private parts, my real mom died long ago and my stepmom with my dad didn't want me to divorce despite the fact that I wasn't happy. I told a friend about the problem and she offered to bring me some medication. When it was my turn to have sex with the old bitch I would give excuses and yet bse I WAS A VIRGIN THE MAN PREFERED TO ALWAYS COME TO MY BEDROOM. It was a horrible experience that I decided to leave one day at midnight when the man insisited we should have sex and I had no interest at all.

And when i reached one of my Aunties place she agreed with me that the man was so old and I was so young. My Uncle in marriage agreed (husband to the kind Auntie) agreed to pay school fees for me bse I was brilliant. I accepted to go back to school. When I turned 14yrs my uncle in marriage began asking for sex to which I refused bse I had no interest in sex and besides he was my kind Aunties husband. But he one day raped me I feared to tell my Auntie bse she could fire me out of her home and I didn't have any where else to go.

A few months later my Auntie fell sick with all the symptoms of HIV/AIDS I was scared to death I took her to hospital and she tested HIV Positive. I looked after her untill death and I DEFINATELY KNEW THAT I WAS ALSO HIV POSITIVE and it was true when I went for a test.

All my younger sisters who had visited that home had been used by this Auntie's husband 2 of them have since died and the two of us are still surving with the virus. We have tried to look for justice in the courts of law to arrest this man but because he is rich he bribes the courts of law and we are left to suffer with no money to even afford two meals a day.
My advise to all the youth and parents is if you're still alive try not to allow any relatives in your home or allow a girl child to visit uncles bse at times there a source of HIV/AIDS problem.


Sent via Email, March 31, 2005 from Uganda.

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