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Life Insurance

I'll try to keep this short. I am a 52 year old white, heterosexual, female I am AIDS.
I have been in a managumas relationship for over 13 years. In October 1999 my husband and I applied for Life Insurance, with Farm Bureau Life, we were turned down. My husband and I had just had physicals within the previous six months and were in great health. As known by Farm Bureau Life (as they had our medical records from our doctors) Both of us were preparing for surgery (me, corporal tunenl, him, deviated septum - nasel scraping) This was around the holidays and we were busy with our businesses.

One and a half years went buy, when I contracted shingles, I became very ill. In January 2001 I started seeing my family physician about every 3 weeks. He ran test after test, put me on medication and nothing would make the shingles or pain go away. After 4 months, he segguested I see and Infectious Diesease Doctor, who told me to get tested for HIV. I was outraged, I didn't live the "lifestyle" so I thought. It took another month or so to finally get tested. I would prove to him, he didn't know what he was talking about.

WOW!!! I got the shock of my life testing came back poistive, but I had progressed to AIDS. My husband then requested testing and found he was also positive. In thinging back I requested Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company send me information as to why We were turned down for Life Insurance. It took 3 weeks and another phone call to them demanding they forward this information to my General Practioner before, they did. The Blood Profile came to us that we were both HIV at that time.

We started treatment at that time I had CD4 of 7 and Viral load of over 750,000 my husbands counts were CD4 350 and Viral load of over 650,000. Doctors believe I have been infected for over 15 years. I have CMV, have had several heart attacks, kidney problems and numerous OI.over the past 4 years. Although the coctails are starting to take effect my CD4 is now 160 and nondetectable viral load at this writing.
We have filed a lawsuit in federal court which was thrown out we have appealed and are waiting for a court date. I just don't understand why Farm Bureau did not feel the need to tell us we were dying. If we were not monagumas how many other lives would Farm Bureau allowed us to infect?

Thanks for listing.
I have no E-mail as the cost of internet is more than I can afford.


Sent via Email, April 6, 2005 from Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

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