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One step at a time

Hi I an Inga and I an HIV positive, I only found out two years ago but apparently I have been affected about 11 years by my first boyfriend and only found out 2 years ago, I have an 8 year old daughter she is also positive, we are both on medication. My partner is not positive and we've been together for the past 10 years. Right now in our relationship it's gotton from bad to worst because I am insecure and hurting he does alot of hurtful things to me because I a positive I think that we may have to leave our secure home to live somewhere else because of how out of hand this sititustion is getting. Out of all the people that know about my status is my parents, one of my sister, my best friend and her husband, my husbands mother, one brother and one of his sister, they don't show me any stigmatising towards us, they are very supportive. Every day it is becomming more and more harder to deal with my sitituation, My belief in God is not there anymore but I teach my daughter so sher would have some thing to fall to give her comfort on. But I manage to live every day one step at a t ime and hope any one who is positive can find sone comfort in this letter that they can live at least a comfortable rest of their life although it's full of stress and but there may one day be a cure I am hoping for my daughter's sake.
keep hope alive!


Sent via Email, April 8, 2005 from Trinidad.

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