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Feeling sick

I read everyone story and i am here to tell mine. Me and my boyfriend have been living together for the pass two years and things got kind of rough meaning we have alot of differences but we still love each other. Anyway when we moved in together we wern't greeing so well because things always has to go his way but we would argue alot fight sometimes but one day o could not take it anymore. Where i work this older guy came by my counter and i started talking to him and i give him my number and we started talking from their i told him what is going on with my relationship with me and my boyfriend and i wanted somone to love me and not treat me badly he was a great listener and he give good adivce he didn't want me to leave my boyfriend but i was very angry so i decided i would go out with this guy he seem so nice and sweet we went out one night and the first night we made passionate love but unprotected he came inside of me then we met another night and we made love and i felt really good and we wanted to start a relationship with me but deep down inside i missed my boyfriend and i loved him alot the guy got to find out about my not leaving my boyfriend for him and he broke off the relationship with me and i never got incontact with him since then but a couple of weeks after one night i woke up i had diarhea and vomiting and i felt really sick that whole day and it only lasted for one day and i thought nothing of it then my boyfriend came home with the same symptoms as me and it only lasted a day but i don't know if i have contracted hte HIV or if it was somthing else i am kind of scared. This is nine months since i haven't spoken to the guy and me and my boyfriend are still together right now i am pregnant with his child and feeling sick but i want to be tested for that HIV and i am very scared. I am sorry for what i did before and i wishe it never happened i hope this baby is fine and healthy and i am also.


Sent via Email, April 9, 2005 from Caribbean.

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