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A treatment?

At first I would like to make things clear for the very beginning. I do not pursue the goal to cheat somebody, or give the futile hope, or worse, to tell you what should you do.
I'll just begin and in the end you'll make your judgments yourself.
For many diagnosis HIV/AIDS sounds like final sentence. I won't be rubbing salt in to the old wounds, you all know what is this (and how lucky are those who don't). I think many of you know, that at this moment HIV is mostly being treated by HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) and other drug-based treatments.
Their main result - providing the patient with a few more priceless years of life. During this period most people are not part of the society anymore. Patient is being pursued by constant diseases attendant to HIV. Unfortunately those methods aren't very effective and are causing heavy side-effects.

For almost 15 years research are being made in so-called hyperthermia area. The main idea of this method is to heat the man's body to maximum temperature (41.8 centigrade), when viruses and other pathologies begin to dissolve under the pressure of temperature and the man's own fully active immunity system (which uses it's full potential under extreme conditions). This method has showed some results : extending patient's life for 1-2 year, but unfortunately with a lot of side effects. Researches like this were carried on in many countries, but unfortunately 41.8 centigrade was not enough to defeat the disease. A few years ago in Eastern Europe, scientists succeeded in heating man's body up to 43.8 centigrade, when reaching this temperature man‚s organism is reaching so-called „biological zero‰ level. This effect has showed revolutionary results. Heavy damage was made upon tumor cells, different types of viruses, defective antibodies, paraprotein and etc. Research has proven that this temperature recovers and noticeably improves man‚s immune system. Clinical research was made upon more than 4000 people (in Eastern Europe), and in every single case results were unbelievable. Results gave scientists a chance to say, that patients life will be greatly extended (10+ years, or even 20+), allowing him to live a full-fledged life, and in some cases, after the procedure, evidence of AIDS/HIV weren‚t found in the patients blood. You will reasonably ask "Why we still do not know nothing about this?"
The answer is : The project is unique, and it is sill in stages of clinical research, the first and only clinical centre in the world, capable of using GGH method (General Guided Hyperthermia) will be ready only in may 2005. Currently it is being build in one of newly accepted EU countries.
Although it has a strict limit of patients it can accept.
Stationary therapy is taking 10-14 days. During the procedure patients under intravenous anesthesia with artificial pulmonary ventilation is putted into a special bath, where patient‚s body is heated up to 43-43.8 centigrade. Necessary temperature is strictly and individually under special algorithm is calculated by certificated anesthetist hyperthermia specialist.
After the course, expected results are following :
Drastic reduction of viral burden
Drastic and swift reduction (till complete disappearance) of viral, bacterial and mycotic lesions of skin and mucous membrane.
Considerable improvement in man‚s general vitality.
Considerable improvements in other diseases attendant to HIV
Considerable improvement of life‚s quality and restoration of the ability to work
After the course has been taken, patient will remain under observation of doctors for the next 3 years (living his normal life), with the necessity of sending analysis every 6 month.
The decision on including every specific patient in clinical research is being made by the board of doctors only after all the necessary analyses have been received.
Here is a list of contra-indications for GGH treatment :
Age less than 18
Age more than 60
Diabetes mellitus of both types
Oncological diseases which were treated by chemotherapy or radiotherapy during last 6 month
Stage IIIb-IV oncological diseases
Active form of tuberculosis BK+
Cardiovascular collapse stages IIb-III
Pulmonary insufficiency
Mental diseases which demand constant survey and care of patient
Chronic pancreatitis
Acute renal failure or acute hepatic failure
Central nervous system trauma
Cerebral blood flow acute disorder
Heavy traumatic and/or vascular damage consequences of brain and/or spinal cord with expressed mental, vegetative or motive abnormalities
Vast mechanical, thermal, chemical or radioactive damage of soft tissues (question about area of damage and time constraints is strictly individual)
Monthlies +- 3 days
Drug addiction, drug abuse, alcohol addiction in stage of recurrence (in certain cases questions will bi decided particularly)

P.S. If you have any questions or you need the full list of necessary analyses, please feel free to send me an e-mail anytime, I will gladly share all the information I have. Please do not be confused by my „yahoo‰ e-mail address, just want to stay anonymous for some time.
P.S.S Once again, the point of this letter is to tell „There is a chance to anybody who may need it, the question is - will you use it?! It's up to you ! Anyway. I wish you all the best.
Sincerly Yours


Sent via Email, April 12, 2005

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