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Get tested Regularly

Please get tested regularly.
The drawbacks are much lesser than if you never got tested. I can tell you my own personal experience. I got my hiv test results today and they came back negative. I cannot begin to describe the last two weeks of stress that I went through. The main reason being I had never been tested till today and I was way due. Ten years to be precise. I couldn't even remember the number of partners I have been intimate with. Not always unsafe but there have been a few times when I have been careless. I just kept believing that I don't have it because I was looking healthy. But evey little sneeze and every little headache made me cringe because the fear of being positive was always haunting me. It came to the point where the unknown fear wasn't worth it and I decided to lay it on the line and just know once and for all the truth about my health. I have definitely been lucky and feel strongly that I have been given one chance to make it in this world. A chance to be responsible for not just the safety of my health but more importantly all those who come in contact with me on an intimate level. Living with HIV is not a death sentence and it is our responsibilty to not let it spread to others.
Please get tested if you have any doubts.


Sent via Email, April 21, 2005 from Dallas, TX, USA.

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