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Life is a gift

Hello My name is Carlos. Well my story is long and i feel that its time to let people know what i have been throuh .Well my life was good until we moved to Las Vegas this is where my teenage life would take place.I have always been a heavy person so my selfesteem was always low .Never had girlfriends and i was always very lonely and depressed.When i hit highschool i met people who were just like me and with them came evil. Drugs had me hooked evrything i had wrong would justleave when ever i smoked or huffed paintto inhale). Well then my mom left no bye, no card, no anything just left 4 kids with one parent all teens(13,15me,16,18)my to sisters and my older brother. Well thats when things fell off and i stop carring and did as i wanted.I had multiple sexual partners (no protecion) and i really didn care about std's or anything like that. My heart was set on bad evil things didnt really care about life cuz it had whooped my ass really bad.

I began to think negetive and i even stoped beliving in GOD! (hard to do cuz i come from a hispanic family and it was around me) so much that i would make rude coments and disrespect the religion. One night i was so lonely that i got on some sort of talk line(a phone service to meet people) I talked to this girl and we decided we would meet up tomorrow night. We met and i asked, "whats would youlike to do" ,she said anything so back to my house we go. Kissing and touching thats how it got started next thing i know im haing sex with her anal, vaginal,and oral All unprotected). Well i didnt think nothing of it for about 3 months but then lil white bumps started to rise on my penis and i was having discharge (like gohnorrea) well i didnt think it would be that serious. I was now well aware of what i had it was hpv (genital warts )again didnt really think much of it. One day i see this aids /hiv news report and the lady says that std's can make it easyer for hiv to travel. My eyes got big and i then started to do some research on symptoms. Well i had almost all . i had 2 stds and i had never been checked so i was scared.I had blotches on my skin a rash and lesions on my groin and i had lymph nodes swelling.I tought to myself wy go i know i have it 2 stds's and a whole lot of symptoms. Well i went and took the Orasure HIV test and waited and pray. It was funny how my soul just started to disapear but i went back to GOD. Tears came Down my cheek and my life was on hold for 2 weeks. Finally the test results are in and im off to the clinic. I went in there and sat down and waited. The lady came out and called me in and said , "Have a seat i'll be right back", i waited and rocked back in forth. She came in sat down and said,"Well Carlos U are NEGATIVE", I could not belive it i had a negative result. Now i could sleep, now i could have kids and live long. My life was just handed back and i was thankfull to GOD, Life is a gift and its one that can be taken for granted plz plz plz GET A TEST dont rely on symptoms or anything else get tested and you'll feel better.To all the people that tested POZ MY heart is with you and GOD BLESS you for beeing so strong .....


Sent via Email, April 27, 2005 from USA.

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