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Always protect yourself

I am a young beautiful girl full of life and much more love than most people in this dieing sinful world.Yes I tend to meet men who tell me these same things and I always fall into their hateful deciteful traps to steal my innocence and my purenest only to get a quick nut from a young confused little girl. The men in this world prey on young girls like me but, all of them are not like me. I been with alot of man these passed short lived years who I thought cared for me. I was to blind to see reality smacking me in the face repeatedly. Time and time again I allowed some of this males to enter my body without protection. I knewn all about HIV/AIDs and how it was affecting the world but, I never imagined God allowing the virus to affect such a sweet loving girl like me. I only got tested once and that was a while ago but, lucky for me my test came out negative. After all that I still contiuned to have unprotected sex with some of the man I came in contact with. Now I am to affaird to go in again and get testes for something that is literally killing me on the inside. It's all I think about day in and day out. I keep asking myself why this now after I made something of myself and now on the right tract to a sucessful happy life. I can't live with this diesase and I already now that I just couldn't possible survive this but reading the stories of people who are going strong living with HIV has inspired me to go get tested as soon as possible. I know there is a chance that can be infected but, I hope I can get through it all with God on my side and carrying me in his loving arms no matter who turns their back on me. So thank you and you should stay strong no matter what comes your way. Knowing this now I can spread the information to all the young woman out here in the world.
P.S. Always protect yourself


Sent via Email May 2, 2005 from South Carolina, USA.

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