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I am 17

hi i am 17 years old .i dont know if i have anything but most likly i do..here is my story .it all started nov 19
i know what you are thinking not long ago right?..well alot of things can happend in just several months )my mom was directing a play at a collage here in utpa called the diary of ann frank .there was this girl who tryed out for my moms play ,she came over my house once for somthing i dont remember why ,and we got to talking .got along ..about 2 weeks later i decided to have a cocktail party(none acholic i was a good girl then)i invited her she wanted to help she said we could have it at her beuatiful

house(she always say thanks but it's not my house its my parents im just living in it)that night no one could come i invited them to late :( so instead she invited paul (not his real name) who i met a couple of says before and daniel(not his real name ) who was a friend and room mate of paul ,those guys came over and we went to there house and thay invited other poeple .every one was getting drunk and getting high ..and i was all sober never had a drink in my life i was clean..the guys knew i was clean and got me some acholic drinks (flaverd)it took me awhile but finally i took a sip then too then more the by the time i knew it i went through over 4 classes poeple there cheered me on when i drank a glass. i was a little drunk then i dont remeber a whole alot but i ended up drinking alot!!! and then the next thing i knew i was in daneils room ..i saw him walk inn and closed the door locked it, turned of the light got on the bed and then we f****d ...after that night i started doing drugs and having sex .and having sex for drugs .i got into prositution and everything..finally it took me awhile but i realized what i was doing was not good for me ..i started getting crying spells at night ,couldnt sleep..but then i got tested from nov to jan and i have nothing,but i dont know about after jan ..(the wierd thing is in dec i sleeped with a guy who had hiv ..later somone told me he had it ..thank god i didnt catch it from him) latly i found three sores on my lip and one in my mouth and i found a rash on my bac. i had talked to one of my partners(i have had more then 10 partners)
he told me he haves nothing then he asked me if i would want to be his gf i told him no and what about your gf? he said we broke up monday..then a couple of days later i saw him with her..if he was lieing about that he is prob lieing about the hiv...after i had sex with him and his friend(threesome)i knew i had somthing ..i had to take a shower.. im so scared ..i dont want to die..recently i gave my heart to jesus ..i still struggle with sin but im really trying im not having sex anymore though ..if i have somthing i dont want to give it to anyone,thats murder...please anyone out there dont have sex if u think u might or u know u have hiv or stds .


Sent via Email May 17, 2005 from Texas,USA.

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