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Over dramatic

My story is quite long and quite over-dramatic. I met my bfriend on a night out!i am straight totally!got quite drunk and met some celebrities in london who took me to a sex-club. i was told 'you dont have to do anything you can have a drink or watch'. i decided to go along with a mate!she left early as it was transexual and she is qutie nieve compared to me. I noticed a guy earlier in the night but was told he was 'bi' and when i looked at him noticed his mannerisms were feminine!there was lots of oral sex going on in the sex rooms mainly transvesites with men. i didnt even look. my celebrity mate who is gay told me that the guy i was noticing earlier was being 'sucked off by 2 trannies'. i had been takin ecstasy so didnt take it all in. eventually i was tired and sat down for a rest in the bar, the bi guy hadppened to be sitting near me he started talking to me and it turned it out we had a lot in common. he asked me out and i thought 'oh' he is quite normal!from then on he pestered me with perfume, phone calls, texts etc. and assured me on our first date that his 'bi days were over and he was only bi for 2 years'!

When we first slept together he told me he had contracted genital warts when he was young so we now needed to use condoms!i was ok with that!

Then about 3 months after our relationship began we had a huge fight in which i suspected and accused him of being gay he denied it but i told him to leave as i was sick of going out with gay people all the time!dont get me wrong i love gay people but all i was doing was going to gay men clubs all the time!
he left, then came to visit me os. about a month later back in london we went out he was on drugs and was sleazing over everyone and admitted the night we had a fight he went to the tranny club to get 'sucked off' as he loves cock!
from then on its been a struggle he has actually been back there again! and since then i got pregnant!i was told if i terminated i would be supported by him, instead he went off to the tranny club!
anyway, for the last 6 months he has had extreme diaroehhea and nausea! he got tested for any foreign faecaes diseases and everything was neg. So the doc has said its his liver!i told him to get tested for hep b but he keeps putting off going to the docs!
he has extreme diarohhea, nausea and weakness!


Sent via Email May 10, 2005 from Australia.

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