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Need advice in Thailand

Hi, I am a 36 year old Aussie man living in thailand I am married to my lovely wife from thailand we have both been positvely tested to HIV for just over a year. My wife was 3mths pregnant when we found out the bad news. After all information was gathered we decided it was safe to continue to have our baby which we so badly wanted. We went through the thailand organisation and all the way! did triple therapy and the baby was born naturally not to my approval but the system here is unbelievable. My daughter had already been born two hours before I found her in the waiting room. They did not even inform me she was born. Anyway she is beautifull and growing fast , But we have now been told she is possitive too This doctor said she had a 2% chance of transmission. Rubbish! she is only 4 mths old and from this info Im getting here its all a mess its so bad feeling I have killed my new born. I feel so bad that the thai system is like this. Also when they told my wife it was just a nurse and on the phone. They are not at all up to professional standards. I really need any information from anyone that knows. Is this hospital and the organisation responsible for this terrible sin. i only wish I could have got my wife to australia so we could have had the correct care. Buts its so hard getting visa's for her and residency. Any help would be appreciated. I am lost at the moment. I work offshore so I have to be away allot. This is terrible as I hate being away frommy girls , but its survival I cant be separated from my love. I have not approached the docter yet as i am too angry. I cant afford to loose the plot over here in a public place. I feel he is responsible. And i feel the whole system here is not up to standards of the rest of the world.


Sent via Email May 15, 2005 from Thailand.

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