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Love not your compassion

I was 19 years old when i first met him, he was 26. We lived together our love for a year, when he died. I discovered one year later that I was hiv+ without knowing that my lover was. Since that day, seven years ago, i fight every day with the virus, with human stupidity. It is very hard to have a virus that can kill you. I spent 6 months this year in a hospital fighting and I am still alive. It is hard to be alone because people are afraid of the virus. It is not easy to say that you are HIV+. Not many people know the truth. I was fired once because I am gay, I am not going to do the same mistake. Of course some of my close friends know the truth, but not the one i consider as the most important, my best friend. It is impossible for me to tell him that I have aids because we became good friends after my infection. He knows me saying to other friends that they have to use a condom because when you have sex with a person you have sex as well with all his/her lovers of the past. So be careful. I fucked up with my own life. Do not do the same. Fight AIDS but show your love to people infected. We need your love not your compassion.


Sent via Email May 16, 2005 from Europe.


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