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The window period

My name is Dakota, and I thought that I was bullet proof. I thought that just because I lived in Florida that the std's rate was lower so I did not have to use protection. How wrong was I. I let this guy move in with me and he was just a room mate but I also considered him to be a boyfriend to. The first night we met I let him have oral sex on me and thought nothing of it. A couple weeks into the relationship I was emotionaly forced into having sex with him. He said that he used a condom but it broke. I thought nothing of it, but I did throw him out for not respecting my wishes of not having sex until I was married. Now, here comes the fun part. I went to school about 2 years later and it is there policy to test every women and man for any STD's and AIDS before they enter into the program. Well it came back that I had clymidia. I know that you can get rid of it but it could have just been as easy to get AIDS or something that could kill me or I could not get rid of. I could have lost out on the oppurtunity of raising my own children because if clymidia goes untreated for 2 long it could make you steril. I am now married and we are trying for our first child and I would be heart wrenched if if was all my fault why I could not have any... PLEASE PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODIES AND USE PROTECTION ALL THE TIME. UNLESS YOU ARE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP AND YOU HAVE BOTH BEEN TESTED WITH IN THE WINDOW PERIOD.....


Sent via Email May 6, 2005 from Florida, USA.

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