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After becoming positive

We had earlier posted our story titled "We dont know what to do" in this site.Now we are writing what has happened to us after testing positive.

After becoming positive, We went and met local HIV+ group and disclosed our status. The people there behaved very well in front of us. We had however not told them our real names. We received an email from some unknown person after a few days. From this mail, it was clear that someone had followed us and had found out our rooms, names, occupation and also our offices. The same person started mailing and threatening us. Initially he was telling us to disclose our HIV status in public or leave this town. We talked about this to the people from the local HIV+ group. They acted in a sympathetic manner in front of us and said that one should take action against him. They acted as if they dont know anything. But later we came to know that it was an organised plan with the initiative of the people from the same group. They themselves started sending mails to us. it was clear that they didnot want educated people like us to enter their group, which was also clearly written in their mail.They started blackmailing us and started trying to prove us as MSM/gay.They are iv usesrs and by doing this they want to ensure that we cannot come to their group. They also pasted notices in our rooms' doors in our absence and these were read by others. They had written that We are hiv+ and others should beware of us. They blackmailed us by saying that we must admit that we are MSM/gay or else they will disclose our status to our landlords, offices, local newspapers and friends. so we had no other way and we accept it in mail that we are MSM/gay.

They also sent mails to other HIV positive IV drug user's group in other parts of the country telling then not to give us entry as we are MSM/gay. and the National Association of PLWHA nepal which mainly has IV users as members also sent message in mail to the local HIV+ group telling them we are not to be given entry into such +ve groups meant mainly for IV users, as we are MSM.And the local group forwarded the message to us. One MSM who tells that he is HIV-, is alsoinvolved and he is forcing us to come and have sexual relation with him and his friends. So, we are getting a lot of mental torture.
Today in a mail he has specifically told us to have sexual relationship with a specific person.
As we had become HIV+ recently and wanted some friends to share our problems and experiences, we went to that group with good intent, hoping that we will get some support. But this is what we got in result. We don't know what will happen tomorrow.

By Ranjan and Dinesh

Sent via Email May 19, 2005 from Nepal.

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