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It makes you open your eyes

"You cannot control what happens in your life, but YOU CAN control how you react and deal with horrifying situations."
There was a family... a good family. Not the best, but were fairly good. The dad was religious and strict, the mom loving yet ill-tempered. They had 3 daughters and 2 sons. One of the daughters...got infected with...HIV. What happened on that day when she found out destroyed the family's world.
Nothing would EVER be the same.

When the message arrived, it was like a death sentence. It was scary. For her. For them. No one knew what to do, but support her. So they did, with all their strength. Crying through the night, and filled with pain and grief the next day, the harsh reality set in. This was permanent. But why was this happening? Its shown all over the TV and in school, but you never believe it can actually happen to you!

Days went by, weeks went by, and misery kept pulling the once somewhat happy family down. It was like they were falling forever into the bottomless pit, with painfful spikes and shards of glass cutting at them. But hope arrived, when a visit to the doctor. The doctor told the daughter her viral load was low, and this was a good thing. So no medicine, no fear, no scary drugs yet. Just life. Simple. Like before.

One day the daughter decided to commit suicide. It was a very scary day for the family. Confused and frightened...the ambulance arrived to save them.

Currently the family is doing well. It is almost like they stopped falling...they are suspended in mid-air. The pieces of glass and the spikes are hurting them anymore. No more tears, no more drama. Just a way...maybe just a try...somehow a way to battle this monster.

I am going to be upfront with all of you, and say...this FAMILY...is MINE. I am the youngest out of 5, (the son) and I have watched all this happen before my eyes. The tears, the suicide attempts, the scary phone calls from the doctor, the pain, the sadness, the whole "wishing this was all a REALLY bad dream"
But I have hope. And you should too. You are probably reading this because you are in someway affected by this disease. This disease is somewhat a blessing in disguise. It makes you open your eyes, wake up for once...and see what's real. What's worth it in life.

So all I have to say...is be strong. That is easier said than done, trust me...everyday I go through it...but please for yourself, for anyone who is infected...do them a favor...and don't give in to the disease.
Im going to end this story by re-stating my opening sentence:
"You cannot control what happens in your life, but YOU CAN control how you react and deal with horrifying situations."


Sent via Email May 27, 2005 from Canada.

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