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You have AIDS?

Hi, I'm 17 and I have a story to tell...When I was 6 my mom and I were watching an episode of Ricky Lake were a girl was really young and had HIV/Aids. She told the audience how she had to take pills everyday and how she had to be carefull about her sexual partners. When the girl was telling about her situation, my mom looked at me and said "Thats what I have." I looked at my mom with a confused look because I couldn't believe what she just said and I responded with "you have AIDS?" She told me that she had HIV and that it didn't develop into AIDS yet and she began to explain to me about her situation. By time she was done the only thing that stuck to my mind was that my mom was going to die and she wouldn't be there for me anymore. I refused to let my iner pain out so I just kept it in and kept it to my self.

Every thing was fine for a while, she was healthy and she was fighting like a soldier, until 2002 after my beautiful baby sister was born. It took alot out of her but she was dedicated in makeing my sister ok. My sister was really sick when she was born and my mom didn't want her to die. My mom stuck by my sister through the seven mounths that she was in the hospital and she put her own life on hold. In May of 2003 my mom got mangiest and fell into a coma. I thought it was over from there. I cried and cried and I couldn't stop crying. I thought she was going to die and I started thinking of my life with her.
After 3 weeks my mom finally came out of her coma. She called me and said "Hi baby, how are you," I said "Fine mom, I'm fine," and I started crying at the scare of loosing her. When she got home I noticed that my mom had lost a few pounds but I didn't pay it no attention. I was just happy that she was home and she was ok.


Sent via Email June 1, 2005 from Wahington DC, USA.

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