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Positive and negative

I was reading about a gene mutation where some people have a natural immunity to HIV. The gene is called CCR5 gene and the mutation is known as the Delta-32 mutation. Is there any way to be tested for this mutation? I am a 31 year old gay male who's partner is HIV+. I found out he was HIV+ 2 year ago after 4 years of unprotected sex (several times a day for 4 years). I've been sexually active since my 15th birthday and up until I met my partner, I was extremely promicuous. At one time I had over 20 regular sex partner plus as many one-night-stands I could find. When I found his medication (he didn't tell me but continued to have sex with me), I was devistated. I thought my years of sex caused me to contract the disease and give it to him. It took 6 months for me to get tested (due to fear and hopelessness), and another 2 months to get the results. I'm HIV- and I'm shocked until I read about the mutation. I'm still with my partner. I feel trapped with him, but also don't want to abandon him. I'm not sexually active anymore due to fear and depression. He is doing well with medication but has many emotional issues including issues not related to HIV. He wants to have unprotected sex with me, but I don't want the disease. I think it's better to control the lust for sex than risk HIV. How do other people deal with one being positive and one negative.


Sent via Email June 9, 2005 from Charlotte, NC, USA.

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