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Intrigued with this disease

Hi everyone. My name is Angie. First of all, I am hiv-. And some of the stories,that I've read. Have plugged at my heart strings. Yet other's I can relate to. In some way shape or form. However in some strange way. I am intrigued with this disease. Every since the age of 15yrs. I was so sexually premiscuious that I don't know realistically. How many people I've slepted with. Over the years I'm not proud to be revealing this. There were encounters in my past. Where my judgement was clouded. Due to being intoxicated. Or having sex in search of love and attentioin. At the age of 27. I have been exposed to different std's. Currently I have herpes2. I've been living with it for 4 1/2yrs. I contracted it from my recently. Ended long-term relationship of almost 8yrs. So of course my eye's were opened dramatically. I found out when I was pregnant with my daughter. I also have an IUD inserted that, I've had for a year. I am very cautious now. And I am no longer promiscuous. I let people know about my status. In that aspect I like to make people aware. I like to give people a choice. I am not a cold hearted person. I can't see myself purposely. Exposing someone to my std. However I'm shunned away from people. Once I openly express my status. My experiences has showed me how ignorant shallow and callous people can be. Yet overall I am a stronger individual. And I no longer take my life for granted. I send my condolances to people that have been plagued by hiv.


Sent via Email May 3, 2005 from Phoenix,AZ, USA.

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