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I can't change it

hi im a twenty one year old straight female and i was dignosed as hiv postive about a year ago. before i was digniosed i was in hospital for about three weeks sick. none of the doctars could figure out what was wrong with me. i eventually got better and my partner(at the time) went and had a talk to his doctar about how i was sick. his doctar decided to test for hiv. i didnt think that i would be positve as i have only had four sexual partners and my partner that i was with at the time was the only one that i had ever had unprotected sex with. he lied to me and told me that he had had a full std check and a hiv test when in fact he hadnt. when the results came back positve my whole world was shacken and everything was turned upside down. eventually things started to settle in and i got back into my studies. that i had to drop the year before because i was sick. i have learnt to live with hiv and accept it. its a part of me just like all the other things that have happend. and i can't change it.
i rememmber when i was at school and they talked about hiv i never thought that it would happen to me... then four years later there i was getting told the dreaded positve. i wasnt any different from any other girl in that school year. i finished school and went to university. and i did keep my self safe. i didnt take drugs and i was and still am just like anyone else. so when people talk about safe sex and hiv dont ever think that it wont happen to you. if you dont protect yourself one day you might to became a positve person. and to those of you that are positve. dont let it stop you, live life and dream big dreams as anything is posibile when you believe.
love from alyce


Sent via Email April 28, 2005 from New Zealand.

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