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Proud to be positive

This is just to encourage all those who are HIV positive. I think i have been positive for 9 years now but have known for 2years. I wont say much on how i felt when i tested positive( i am sure you know how it feels).My current weight is 82kgs ,my CD4 is at 990. I live a stress free life and try to eat well. I am a happy mother of two beautiful kids. The father of my first kid died of an AIDS related illness and his son has swollen glands from birth but he has never had a major illness. My daughter is healthy. I take each day as it comes and i thank God for what i am. I am a better person because i did what many people could not do,ie, to go for an HIV test. I am proud of myself and proud to say that i inspired a person who was desperately ill to go for a test which turned out to be positive. She could have died but she is doing well.I took a relative's child for a test which turned out pisitive. Her CD4 count was 4.She is doing well and i believe if my result had come out otherwise (negative), i would never have been inspired to help others. I am proud to be positive Hope you are too.


Sent via Email May 18, 2005 from Zimbabwe.

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