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Change habits

Im a 23 year old woman. I have a 2 year old son from a marriage, but am now divorced. I myself engaged in some very risky behavior before I got married. About a week before I found out I was pregnant I started to notice some little sores on the inside of my mouth. So I looked it up on the web to see what it could be from....Everything that I read talked about HIV/AIDS, I was terrified. I soon convinced myself and my husband that we were going to die. I didnt know much about the disease at this point and just went completely crazy. Well I went and got tested and it came back Neg THANK GOD! I always vowed I would never ever have unprotected sex again. EVER!

My Ex and I eventually went our separate ways and got a divorce. I then started dating again and found myself having a one night stand UNPROTECTED!!! What was I thinking???? I was SO SO SO mad at myself after all I went through with the last test! Then I ended up in a relationship with a guy that had a shady past and was very secretive about everything. He admitted to me that he was an IV drug user for 2 years and had only been off of it for about 6 months...he swore up and down that he never shared needles. We had already engaged in unprotected sex about 10-15 times, but he had never ejaculated. We dated about 2 months and immediately after we broke up I went and got tested. It came back NEG, due to the window period I will go back in 6 months but my doc all but assured me that I was fine bcs it had been over 6 weeks since the "risky" behavior. I am now dating someone new and we ALWAYS use protection and ALWAYS plan too. I will never ever make the mistake again of trusting someones words over my own health!!!

I just want everyone to know that HIV/AIDS is nothing to be messed with, it is real and it can happen to anyone. Is that intimate moment worth it? Please use protection! You are so worth it. Oh and the famous lines of "It wont stay up if I wear a condom" DONT BELIEVE IT, bcs amazingly when you refuse unless protection is involed all of the sudden he finds out he can wear condoms after all!!. Also the "Im allergic" is a fav for some too. Well to fix that you buy some Sheep skin condoms and then put a latex over it. Problem solved. Stay safe everyone, I hope this story inspires at least one person to change their habits!!


Sent via Email June 17, 2005 from West Virginia, USA.

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