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That is all it takes

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say a few words about getting testing. I came and read theses stories a little while ago. I just got tested. Thankfully it was negative. I have not had many partners but if you know anything about alcoholics(recovering now) they tend to black out. I ended up getting drunk with someone I knew and we ended up having sex. The only reason why I knew it because I found a condom. I have no recolection of the events that took place. I guess my point is, is be careful about drugs and alcohol because yo can loose control and do things that you would not normally do do. Getting tested is very scary because even though I have only had unprotected sex once. THAT IS ALL IT TAKES. All though I hate that I did something I am not proud of that led to me getting testing, I am very glad for the research I have done out of fear. This is such an epidimic. I cant imagine the pain HIV + have to go through adjusting to medicine and then on top of that feel isolated by other people. To all who have been scared as hell and have gotten tested as I was,be very proud that you are willing to take responsibility for your health. For all those who has tested+ I am greatful for you. I greatful for your perserverance and love. We should all live like that. I wish all of you the best of luck and just know that there are people out there that are aware you cannot contract the virus by hugging, touching, and showing love.


Sent via Email July 5, 2005 from NC, USA.

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