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Waiting for the call

I am a 22 year old female with a 16 month old daugther. My daugther and I recently had an HIV test. I decided that we needed to have one because My baby's father Bryan who is 31. Has been in and out of prison since he was 16 years old. He told me he had a HIV test done this last time he went back to prison. But I thought to myself well if he was positive would he tell me. Well It really freaked me out because he has told me of all of the stuff that has gone on in prison like the rapes that happen, the sex and people using the same needles to tattoo each other, and he would tell me about the inmates with HIV who would have sex with anyone in there not caring if they gave it to anyone. So I made myslef go up to my doctors office and they drew blood. My doctor that I had while I was pregnant told me that they test for HIV.So I was tested while I was pregnant also. Anyhow It took over two weeks to get the results back. I called the doctors office for the results and they told me a nurse would call me back. It was 9 in the morning when I called. Well I just kept saying to myself oh my God, and I was fearing the worst. I prayed and prayed to God. I finally got the call at 3 I saw the doctors office on caller ID. I almost didn't want to pick up the phone. Well I pulled myself together and I picked up the phone. The nurse said she had a problem finding my file and kept on rambling. I thinking to myself get on with it I need to know. And she said the blood work was flawless. I said so that means were negative and she said YES. I was so happy. I called up everyone and told them.


Sent via Email July 10, 2005 from Texas, USA.

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