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The note

Hi..i just wanted to say how inspiring all the stories on this site have been..heres my story...Last august (about a year ago) i had unprotected sex with 2 individuals..about 2-3 months after my partner had told me he was experiencing a burning feeling while urinating and that really worried me because i had been bleeding during intercourse since my last encounters...Well i decided to get checked and i had gotten chlamydia i was very upset especially when i had to tell my partner who got very angry at me and hasnt spoken to me since. Whats worrying me is that i havent done bloodtests i just did the chlamydia and gonorrhea test. About 5 months after the unprotected encounters my neck glands were swollen and i spent 2 days laying in bed because i was extremely fatigued the doctor said it was my tounsels but i feared more. I was reading symptoms on the internet and i felt i had them all.

I started getting dry mouth on and off...wierd headaches..scratchy throat...diahrea..My doctor told me not to rely on the internet for symptoms because i'll just drive myself insane and gave me a note to do a HIV test...Well that note is still in my purse and i havent built up the courage to go and get tested...In my stupid iresponsability i had 2 more unprotected sex flings. I am positive i am infected, i dont sleep at night anymore its driving me insane. I'm gonna build up the courage to go get tested tomorrow, the stories i read in this site encouraged me and so did my close friends..i'll have to wait 2 weeks before the results it'll be torturing but iv decided that whatever result i come out with i'll deal with it and i'll try to lead a happy life. I really hope that i'm fine but i just have this gut feeling that i'm not. Well you'll be the first ones to know the results...pray for me :(
Much Love, Kathy


Sent via Email August 11, 2005 from Canada.

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