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I have no illness

i read your site and i wish to put a question, and also to seek your kind advice... i am a healthy 30 year old caucaisan...in the past ten years i used to have a lot of flings and some of them were unprotected. i had dated six men in all my life, but not at the same time. My parents used to encourage me to get married but i used to refuse to meet people and instead i fell for this habit...i never had any symptoms so far and feel many energetic and i train a lot , like walking etc.., whenever i eat i gain some weight and i learned from many websites that hiv positive people loose weight and get tb... i never had this problem, and never lost weight, which is the most common in people that have hiv or aids, i only have a slight back ache that i worry about but it's maybe related to my stressing job, my job is involving office work which involves being seated most of the time, especially our long hours as long as 9 hours excluding the 30 mintues break time.i got some jaw pain but it is not so severe..., i rarely get flue and i got flue injection also to prevent from getting one each year (like i used to even when i was a child) so this is not a problem.. therefore i'm symptom free and i think why shouldi test if i don't have any of the symptoms like loosing wieght for no reason, i don't have night sweates or pains in the groin...never had bruises that didn't heal.. however i closed the door to sexual relationship and i would never touch a man if it's not within the bonds of marriage to prevent the infaction because if i continue with sexual relationships i might end up like many (being infacted) i prefer protecting my health than satisfying my sexual needs so it's better to act now than when i'ts too late...my country don't have any tests available at the moment even so i would hate to be tested , i am not being bad by acting like that... i hope! but i'm positive i am healthy...i don't know why people i ask they still insist me in getting tested, why if i have no illness??? besides one of my ex partners i have talked to recently is also very well and healthy... and do their normal job also...any advice would be appreciated exculding 'test ' subject i need a stronger support...i have talked with my parents everything and they agreed with me that i don't need the test, and my country is aids-free but the thing is starting this year because illegall immigrants are coming to infect my people but thank God i'm out of it because i would only do sex within the bonds of marriage...(which means if i only get married)
anon thanks for your patience in reading my mail hoping for a reply soon..thanks again and God bless


Sent via Email July 8, 2005 from Malta.

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