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A plan

Hi . In march of 2001 I was reunited with my childhood sweetheart ... we had lost contact as he was living in the United states and I was in England. I had been excited about seeing him again and being together again .Just before Iwent out to see him He told me on the telephone that he had been tested and was H.I.V positive.He told me that he had wanted to inform me before I went out to see him so that He doesn,t deceive me about anything . I decided to go ahead and see him anyway ... I knew that I loved him and a was determined to live a life with him . I did not want to abondone him because this had happened to him , I imagined that if the tables had been turned round and I had been the one affected by the illness .... I might have been feeling very alone and afraid. As I am a christian and a firm believer that Jessus Christ is a healer I decided to marry him after about a year of going out with each other again. We have been blessed with a beatiful baby boy who is now 2 ... when I was pregnat with our son .. I was tested and was found to be negative . I must admit that somedays are really difficult and I keep worrying that something might happen to myself or my husband and we might not end up seeing our child grow ... But I pick myself up by believing that God can do what seems to us like the impossible .. I mean He is the chief pysician .. Do you remember that there was a time in history when there was no cure for Tuberculosis , Polio and many other illnesses that have solutions today ... I believe things can change ... I believe that God has a good plan for us .. it just has to unfold. This is the first time I have shared information with anyone other than my husband .... I never thought this day would come.


Sent via Email August 25, 2005 from Birmingham, UK.

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