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Hey there everyone I am a 24 year old lesbian. I feel I should share my story with eveyrone on here. I have only been with about 4 men and everyone one has been with protection. i have also been checked for HIV and my results are negative. i always knew i liked woman from an early age. now theses men i was with was a good 2 or 3 yrs ago and as i said i was tested recently actually and i am neg. i since have been with females sexually. i know its not heard of as much about lesbians transmitting std's or HIV to eachother but it happens. i met this girl just about 3 months ago. i thought she was real hot and i preceeded to ask her out. i really didnt get to know her but one night i went over and we went out. we got drunk and she kept buying all the beer and i kept accepting one after the other. i knew deep inside i dont really know her but i let temptation get the best of me. we went home and has sex. girls have sex in ways that fluids do touch and stuff like that. anways about a week later i got this bad sore throat so i started on antibiotics. i also got this cough. we didnt talk for about a week. then while i was sick she told me she cant see me anymore. then she calls and we start to talking. she tells me about her past. how she has been with about 80 females. i freaked out. now i worry everyday bout HIV. i told myself i will wait for 6 months then get tested. until then i will not have anymore encounters. even though she wants to see me again i keep telling myself dont dont dont. i want everyone to pray and think twice before having sex with someone you really dont know. dont let temptation get the best of you. god bless you all.


Sent via Email August 30, 2005 from Texas, USA

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