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My sister

I was just wonedring whether I can source HIV drugs locally and send them overseas, Zambia.
I received some really disturbing news from back home last night. Of all the people, my immediate older sister, Nyambe was diagnosed with an HIV Virus. This is shock to me and I had a bad case of sleep last night, crying all night long. As far as I know her she is the most principled lady with high moral values founded on Christian religion when it comes to issues of promiscuity and she was an inspiration to me and others. She has had two failed marriages but I can't still explain how this can happen. She doesn't deserve this and it's really disturbing my mind - I don't know what to do. With all the stigma in the village associated with HIV, I don't know how she is coping or even how my mum is coping with it. I was told she is receiving medication but this has to be paid for at least ZAM K40, 000 a month and you know in the village there is no money at all. Even in a country where everybody is either infected and affected, I am failing to come to grips with this news - it's hard knowing that one of your beloved sisters is going to die anytime soon... My family is the only thing I have in this world - God have mess!
Life sometimes can be so harsh and it's fun how I sometimes take things for granted.


Sent via Email September 1, 2005

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