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Looking for support

Hi This is my first post to this site. I am a white male who has made a personal choice not to take the hiv meds. I've tried 3 seperate times due to peer pressure. The side effects where not worth it.
From the beginning of hiv, which was in 2000, I have made a personal choice to have quality of life over quantity. I have enjoyed 5 very good productive years. My cd4 count is not 78, and my viral load is 56,000. I do have low platelet counts around 36,000, and also low WBC.
I feel great and continue to workout and eat well. I'm still working and you would never know by looking at me, but I know my blood work tells a very different story.
I am looking for support. If you are someone who , like me, has decided not to take the meds, please feel free to contact me via email. I'd really enjoy hearing from you. There have got to be others out there like me, if it's you please let's connect .
I have been making preperations financilly for when I have to quit working. I realize that could change in an instant, but for now all is well.
I hope to hear from soneone like me.
Take care all,


Sent via Email September 2, 2005

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