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One simple blood test

Hi, my name is kylie. Im 26yrs old and 20 weeks pregnant. My partner whom Ive been with over a year recently got very sick, glandular fever symptoms white spoting on the tounge, night sweats all that. We attented the Dr who said it was a routine check and tested for HIV. The test results came back positive. Yet not a 100% but the odds are 95% likely as they did the western block and 3 out of ten came back positive.

He was so worried, not about himself but about me. as weve had a very strong relationship and he told me straight away and took me personally down to see the Dr myself. I thought it was a mistake. This is the kind of thing that you think could never happen to you. Even after all the years of risky behaviour I'd been lucky. Finally I settle down fall in love and pregnant and wham!!!!! We had a fight a little while prior to my pregnancy he went and relapsed using with three others he'd never met before, all using old equipment.

This is believed to be the time he was infected. I'm so scared, I can't stop crying even when I try the tears just keep rolling out. He is trying to be strong in hope that I return a negative result. I can talk to him but I feel like I remind him of the reality that he will and is sick. I love him to heavens and back and ever since I met him he'd say Ill kill myself before Id infect anyone else. I know he is suffering to but he isnt showing it he just keeps telling me to be strong, be strong for our baby. We think its a little girl, he'd prayed from the day he found out it was a little girl we find out for certain next week.
The thing is Im not worried about myself I believe I am strong enough to deal it, even though I feel like an idiot emailing you like this Im so sorry I dont know what else to do... but I find myself scared for our unborn child and him. He changed my life. I was a severe user who worked the street. When we met I fell so in love he gave me a life Ive never known. I even took test to make sure I was clean from all STI's because he was the one.

I'm also find myself predicting what kind of life can I give my child not knowing but knowing Im going to die, that if people find out how will she be treated. We'd planned on another child, marriage a house all the things you dream off and one simple blood test took it all away.


Sent via Email September 8, 2005 from Australia.

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