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I live in a city with a very high rate of aids, Baltimore. Mostly everyone around you is either a crackhead,or are on some type of drugs, and majority of the teenagers are gay or bi-sexual. Here it's all about sex, drugs(of any kind), and clubbing. Me personally, I don't club or party, but I am (well, I was) among the teens that gotta get high (weed only) and have sex. Pregnancy didn't scare me and for the most part still don't, but here it's a trend, "everybody's doing it". Though I dont have any kids, I tried so many times, I hope to one day be able to. But as I matured I realized that I wasn't ready. I made many mistakes and been exposed to all sorts of STDs and exposed others to STDs, though not intended, I did. It makes you feel real dirty when someone tells you what you gave them, especially if you care about them. Oh, it's even harder and more hurtful when you have to tell them you gave them something. Or how about sitting in the clinic scared to death about what they are going to you about your test results. Being the age I am, 18, it's common for girls to be pregnant and exposed to STDs, but I one of the few that's tired of going through this and dont see it as being okay. I took it apon myself to look up some aids stories because i'm know terrified of this virus that spreads like butter. You never know who has it because aids doesnt have a look. I did my share of dirt and it's time I pay. So i'll be in the clinic early Monday morning looking scared out my mind getting tested for everything ever named. Look, you only live your life once, take your time because you cant go back and change the past but you can shape your future. What ever happened to this innocence in our children?


Sent via Email September 24, 2005 from Baltimore, USA.

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