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Hi all. Well I dont know where to begin. I was having intercourse with one of my so called close male friend. We grew up together and I thought I knew him. Well come to find out that he is a Down Low man and may have HIV according to one of his relative. When I first heard that I was in shock. Because we were so close to each other. I trusted him as well as he trusted me. I thought we told each other everything but I guess not. The reason why we broke that friendship bound and went further was because me and my husband was going thru a separation. Now I havent talk to this guy for months and he cant be reach. I did take a test but I am waiting on the results. I pray to the lord to bless and forgive me of my sins and all the things I have done that he didnt like. When I do get my results my life is going to change. Life is short and precious. I love my family so much and I dont want to put them thru this. Yes, I made a mistake and I hope that by the grace of god he will bless me this and give me another chance to do right by all. I am in my early 20's and I have a child who is young and I dont want to put them thru this. Me and my husband have gotten back together and we did have sexual intercourse before I knew this information about this so called friend of mines. How do you tell someone that you have the HIV virus? I pray for all you who is going thru what I am going thru and the people that have been in my place. I also pray for your health. I ask for all to pray for me because with out prayer and the grace of God I dont see me being strong. Thanks for listening. May God bless ALL.


Sent via Email September 28, 2005 from USA.

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