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hi am 22 years old.i been postive since 2000 i was 18 at the time.i found out cause i was pragnet i got tested to see if i was well my man at the time told me not to cause his brother had something and he got it from his ex.well that made me there get tested for hiv.well couple weeks later doctor called me and told me come in.so i did he told me i was hiv postive.i been with this man who gave it to me since i was 15 so i problie had it before then just never got tested.well anyways i went home i felt like killing myself.well i did something i should never did i hate myself for it i got an abortion cause the man i though loved me told me if i had the kid it would de befor it was 5 yrs old.i believed him i was so in love with him.he told me if i did it he would marry me and were adopition.well soon i did it he stop talking to me.i feel like killing hime some time.it was wrong he knew he had it and he still slept with me and other girls without condoms.well i got a 25 month old son now he healthie can be.he the reason why am living my life that i am.am healtie for now hopefully be healthie to my son old enough to take care him self.i dont have noone talk to everyone says they understand.they dont they dont know how i feel what am going threw.i wish i could find someone knows am going threw so i can talk to.i cant talk to no one here they dont want to listen or anything.i can kepp on writing but i'll stop here.i know it not a storiwe but i had get that out.sorry if this isnt good enough for whoever reads.


Sent via Email October 7, 2005 from Cambridge, Ohio, USA.

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