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It's not the end of the world

Hi Everyone,
I have read so many of you letters. I know that there are alot of scared people who think that the thought of having Hiv/Aids is the end of the world, it's not. For those who are thinking about being tested, DO IT!!!!! Wouldn't you rather know now them later after you have full blown Aids. Just think of the guilt that you would feel if you had infected others. Knowing your status is the first step to relieving your mind. I was alot like many of you. I was scared to be tested but I always got tested after risky behavior because I didn't want to infect someone with Hiv if I had it. I am Hiv Negative and I have screened my fiance. We are in a committed relationship and I like it that way! I was probably one of the lucky ones because as a young woman I had had atleast ten partners and many of them were unprotected. Know that I look back on it I was just plain stupid and did not care enough about my health or my body. My advice to the teenagers out there is to look after yourselves and make sure that you body stays healthy because you have such a rich life ahead of you. I would love to recieve emails from any of you who have fears or concerns that you would like to talk about. Stay safe and use PROTECTION!!!!!
Love You,


Sent via Email September 28, 2005 from Oklahoma, USA.

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