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A relationship

hi all
first of all i will tell you my story im a 25 years old female i never had a lot of sex with alot of men only two my boyfreind now and my ex partner you see . You see i meet steven 2 years ago at first when i meet him i was in love with him all i wanted was to be with him for ever but he told me all about his past where he has sex with alot of woman with out condoms and same where sex workers the fact is he will go to a sex worker once a week every week but i didnt care of his past i was so in love i thought if has hiv i will too so if he dies i die i didnt want to live with out him any way but one day i found out he was cheating in me so i left him it was hard but i did it .

Few months after i had some els which i like it very much and my boyfrind was asking to get tested for hiv i said too him dont be silly afcourse i im not positive but his words stayed on my mine hiv i could be positive my ex boyfreind sleept with sex workers he was at a hight risk i keep thinking about it feeding a fear i had of hiv feeling sceard all the time with out going for the test i keept thinking i had hiv i was so sick with fear that i evern stayed in hospital for 3 weeks i tried to harm my self even thinking that i was positive so i contacted my ex boyfrind i asked to get tested he said there was no cure for hiv so he didnt want to know if he was positive and he told you get tested if u have it then i have it if you dont then i dont so that even sceard even more and it made see how selfsh he is and how much he did not deserve my love i hate it him so much then so i keept worry and thinking about haveing hiv i thought to myself i have a partner who id being good to me do i want to give hiv afcourse not so i went to get tested i was crying i was alone i didnt want any one to know of my fears soon after my test came nagtive i was so happy i though god gave me a secound chance at life . but i have learnd samthing when you are in love you are not thinking about hiv but a releshinship can end but hiv is for ever is same thing that it will never go away trust me one is worth giving your love for if he loves you he will get tested i would never what to give hiv to some one i love so why cant men do the same any one who will risk your life dose not love use condoms ask them to get tested but never take they word for it couse people are selfsh and they lie i dont wish hiv for any one no one deserves this viros thats why we have to protect our self for it .


Sent via Email October 11, 2005 from USA.

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