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A mom and a wife

I am a mom and a wife. I have 2 boys ages 9,17. I have been with my husband for 18 years now and we are very happy. About 2 years ago I became very sick in the hospital. I was send home and not know why I ended up there. I was in ICU for 3 days and not knowing were I was and didn't remmeber much. I was send home and still very sick. A year went by and my husband started having problems with his health. Then he got thrush and the doctor wanted him to be tested for HIV/AIDS we thought that was silly , knowing we have been married for 16 years at that time. So we did the test on him and found out that he has full blown AIDS. I was really scared for my kids now . I could handle it but feared for my 2 boys. I was tested and I have HIV . But I praise God that my kids don't have it. God spared them. I know I didn't get it untill years later. I did a life insurance and was tested 3 years before I found out. So I didn't get it untill I ended up in the hospital. We are doing good. I think about my children's future. SO please if you are reading this and you are being sexually active. Think of your children's future before you have kids. We are the one that make them pay for our past. Remember God will always love you, but just make the right chose in life. Sex is not the way of life when you are not married. But just remmember .... You make your own choses and you pay for what you do , good or bad. So think before you go and have sex with just any one. And remmeber you sleep with every one that , that person sleeps with. Would you have every one in one room and still sleep with that person.. think about it. God bless all that read this and God is our healer.


Sent via Email October 23, 2005 from Washington, USA.

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