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13 year old girl

I am only 13 years old and i do NOT have HIV/AIDS or any disease's related to them. Although, I do have 2 messages to send to people who do have it. I have read almost all of these stories and some of them are about how people who have HIV/AIDS are really sad and scared or scared to die. One of my messages to everyone is that you don't have to be scared to die. I know I'm not!
You don't have to be afraid to die because although it MAY,(i'm not saying it was), have been a sin the way you got this disease, you can always sit and talk to God. He is always there to listen. Whether you havn't ever talked to him before, or if you do it all the time, just keep it going and if you havn't, then you can just sit there and confess alll of your sins. Then, my point is, that you won't be afraid to die because when the time does come, you can be happy because you will be going to Heaven and there is no sickness' in Heaven and Heaven is a much better place than earth.
My second message is that a lot of people don't really get out when they have this sickness. They are in depression or something like that, Sometimes they might not be, but some people may be. My message is that you don't have to be. Live your life to the fullest no matter what. And thats just a message from a 13 year old girl who was doing a research paper on HIV/AIDS and came along this wonderfull website. Thank you all for reading it and I hope I didn't boare you. :) And remeber, "Live life to the fullest and NEVER give up!" Thank you -Corryn


Sent via Email October 28, 2005 from Vermont, USA.

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